Regular Oral Presentation Sessions

12th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum​

There will be a total of 27 regular oral presentation sessions under the 10 Scientific Forum Sessions

Session 1: Sustainable Fisheries
Session 2:  Aquaculture
Session 3: Aquafeed and Nutrition
Session 4:  Genetics Biotechnology
Session 5: Aquatic Animal Health Management
Session 6: Fishery Biology, Toxicology and Environment
Session 7: Seaweed farming: Future Prospects for food and feeds
Session 8:Post-harvest, Food Safety, and Processing Technology
Session 9: Socio-Economics, Gender, Capacity Building and Livelihood
Session 10:  Fisheries Policy and Governance
 4  regular sessions
 6  regular sessions
 1  regular session
 1  regular session
 1  regular session
 3  regular sessions
 3 regular sessions
1 regular session
4 regular sessions
4 regular sessions